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High megapascal valve tells you how to choose the valve

With the current industrial applications in various fields more and more valves, and thus some manufacturers more and more valves, resulting in the market now more and more types of valves, how to choose a good valve is the purchaser now Puzzle, on how to choose, high megapascal valve lists some detailed methods to choose from.
First, if the pipeline is a straight line, then the natural flow resistance is even smaller, for this case more open-style valves. For the pipe is tortuous, because of its flow resistance will be greater, so this open valve will not be used, mostly choose to close the valve.
Second, choose the valve that can control the flow. This type of valve is chosen primarily because it controls flow well enough to control flow resistance, but this valve is only suitable for use within a certain range of diameters because it provides better control Live traffic.
Now no matter in which industry valves are very wide range of applications, the function has a unique role.